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Off-White Rhinestone Garter Off-White Rhinestone Garter


Retail: $17.00
Sparkly Sequin Silver Prom Wedding Garter Sparkly Silver Sequin Garter

LG951 S

Retail: $9.90
Satin Prom Wedding Garter Black Black Satin Garter

LG490 BK

Retail: $5.90
Camouflage Wedding Camo Leg Garter Camouflage Garter


Retail: $11.00
Clearance: $7.25
Satin Prom Wedding Garter Dark Purple Plum Plum Satin Garter

LG490 PL

Retail: $5.90
Sparkly Sequin Aqua Prom Wedding Garter Sparkly Aqua Sequin Garter

LG951 A

Retail: $9.90
Satin Prom Wedding Garter Pink Pink Satin Garter

LG490 P

Retail: $5.90
Wedding Crystal Boutonniere Silver Jeweled Flower Silver Jeweled Flower Boutonniere


Retail: $16.50

Fancy Blue Green Tulle Prom Wedding Garter Blue & Green Tulle Garter


Retail: $9.90
Clearance: $6.50
Black Tulle Jewel Sparkly Prom Wedding Garter Black Tulle Garter with Jewel

LG191 BK

Retail: $11.00
White Feather Fascinator Hair Accessories Clip White Feather Hair Clip

JL235 W

Retail: $19.50
Clearance: $11.00